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Christmas has come a little early this year, with the first look footage of the Downton Abbey Movie releasing… just NOW. We mentioned in the headline that it’s a teaser, but the clip is more than enough, bringing us back to all that is wonderful about the Abbey.

The trailer gives us a look inside the magnificent Crawley home, where we find handmaidens taking sheets off the furniture, bringing life back to the residence. There is a lot of activity, with bells ringing, a car pulling up, people cheering, a procession of soldiers on horseback and a mystery visitor approaching by motorbike.

We particularly enjoyed the first look finishing off with a sprawling bird’s-eye view, flying us over all of it.

You may have noticed, we didn’t mention any of the actors or characters appearing in the trailer, because, well, they are yet to be seen. That makes sense with the film coming out next year. DA creator Julian Fellowes, who has written the script for the movie, wouldn’t want to put all of his cards on the table this soon.

But, no need to fret, we can look forward to seeing the return of original cast members Dame Maggie SmithHugh Bonneville, Michelle DockeryJoanne FroggattLaura CarmichaelLesley NicolAllen Leech and Elizabeth McGovern. And then there’s Matthew Goode, who’s put it on the record that he’s just “popping in” at the end, according to RadioTimes.

Downton Abbey Movie will hit U.S. theaters on September 20, 2019 and September 13 in the U.K.

Is this little bit of nostalgia enough to get you through the wait!?

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By Brigid Brown