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Nick Park and Shaun the Sheep attend the premiere for their 2015 movie. (Photo: Getty Images)

Creator Nick Park‘s Shaun the Sheep, which won a 2016 Oscar nomination (Best Animated Feature Film), is getting a 2019 sequel, Farmageddon. Shaun is back and he has a run-in with… a spaceship.

A teaser trailer for the new film just released today (December 11), where we see Shaun beamed aboard an alien spacecraft. But, rest assured, Shaun gives out an excitable, “Woo hoo!” as they fly away. He’s not frightened, but instead, embraces the adventure ahead.

If Shaun and his pals’ look seem familiar to you, that’s because Park is also the creator of the beloved Wallace & Gromit series.

You can look for Shaun and his new alien friend in 2019.

What do you think of Shaun the Sheep getting a dose of sci-fi!?

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By Brigid Brown