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Luther star Idris Elba is 2018’s People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. And, one of the sexiest things (at least in our book) is smarts. Elba has been put to the test by People, to identify British items while blindfolded.

The first item put in front of him is a chocolate bar. He doesn’t just guess the item, but the flavor, being fruit and nut. Wowser! Followed by a cricket ball, which is a team sport he played back in the day. We’re not only learning what he knows, but also some fun facts about the actor.

He didn’t guess correctly when handling the jar of mustard, and even he himself laughed in a bit of embarrassment. In his defense, is mustard considered strictly British?

But, no biggie, because Elba redeemed himself with the next item, identifying a children’s plush toy as the one and only Paddington.

He is such the good sport. And, as we already knew, proven himself smart.

What was your favorite part of the guessing game? 

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By Brigid Brown