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The forthcoming film, The Vanishing, is part true story and… mostly fiction. The story is based on the 1900 Flannan Isles mystery, when three lighthouse keepers went missing, played by Gerard Butler (Den of Thieves), Peter Mullan (Westworld) and Connor Swindells (Jamestown).

What actually happened to the men still goes unsolved, with a number of theories out there, one as simple as them tragically being washed away by rough seas.

Writers Joe Bone and Celyn Jones have imagined their own scenario, with Kristoffer Nyholm directing. We don’t want to spoil anything for you, but their invention does involve a chest of gold (dun, dun, dun <– insert villainous music).

The Vanishing backtracks, taking us to the island prior to the discovery of their disappearance.

The Vanishing, originally entitled The Keepers, will hit theaters on January 4, 2019.

Does this bit of truth/lots of fiction hybrid work for you?

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By Brigid Brown