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Doctor Who‘s Karen Gillan has written, directed and stars in the dark comedy The Party’s Just Beginning, and the trailer has just released (November 12.)

She began working on the project two years back, which she announced with this Instagram post.

Gillan plays a young Scottish woman named Lucy (yep, that’s right, we get to hear Gillan’s native accent). Lucy lost her friend to suicide a year ago and is struggling with the aftermath. A new man in her life (Lee Pace) tells her she’s “a mess,” but Lucy explains to him she wasn’t always that way.

We’re quite excited to see what Gillan has come up with, and the wait is over…

Gillan is from Inverness, a city in the Scottish Highlands. She talked to Empire magazine about the high suicide rates in the area, saying, “Growing up there, I had such an amazing experience. So to read something like that, it’s like, ‘Why?’” She put her concerns down on paper, into script form.

This isn’t Gillan’s first time writing and directing, credited with 2015’s Coward. She also directed and starred in the horror short Conventional, also in 2015.

The Party’s Just Beginning screened at the Glasgow Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year. The movie will get a limited theatrical release on December 7 and be available via On Demand starting December 11.

Are you impressed with Karen Gillan taking on all three roles? 

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By Brigid Brown