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LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 03: Maisie Williams attends the 'daisie' launch party held at W London, Leicester Square on August 3, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

The final season of Game of Thrones is nearing, and longtime cast member Maisie Williams has been very vocal about her career post-GoT. And, here we are, she has made her stage debut with the production of I and You at London’s Hampstead Theatre.

In last night’s performance, there was a slight interruption when Williams came down with a case of the giggles. We’ve all been there, when laughter comes on, at the most inappropriate time, and, sometimes… it just won’t stop.

Williams turned to her social media to address the delightfully harmless outburst:

It may have been a little embarrassing for the actress, but we know she is a total pro and has been rehearsing for this new role, which GQ London has documented in a photo diary here.

In I and You, Williams takes on the role of Caroline, a young woman housebound due to illness. She relies on Facebook as a way to interact with the outside world. When a classmate, Anthony (Zach Wyatt), turns up at her house uninvited, she is initially unimpressed. But, the two develop a bond that neither could have never predicted.

Prior to her stage debut in London, Williams was approached by Broadway to star in a production, but she was still filming GoT.

In an earlier interview Williams talked to The Guardian about her decision to turn down the offer, saying, “It would have been too much, moving to a new city like that, to a new country. And then to be doing eight shows a week on Broadway when I’ve never been on stage before – it just wasn’t right.”

The play I and You will run at Hampstead Theatre through November 24.

Are you going to head out to see her on stage!? 

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By Brigid Brown