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Ewan McGregor is the latest Anglo fave to join a superhero movie, and sure enough he’s playing a villain.

Deadline reports the Christopher Robin star has signed on to play Black Mask, a.k.a. crime lord Roman Sionis, a recurring character in Gotham City’s criminal underworld who often comes a cropper against Batman.

According to the original DC comics, Roman was the son of a wealthy family who killed his parents and took control of their business. He wasn’t a great businessman, though, and his career took a nosedive. Unwilling to accept responsibility for his own actions, Roman developed a bit of a mask obsession, taking a piece of his father’s grave and crafting it into a (wait for it…) black mask. He also went on to lead the gang called the False Face Society of Gotham.

Ewan-as-Black Mask will face off against Margot RobbieJurnee Smollett-Bell, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Birds of Prey, the DC girl gang movie due to start filming in January.

Margot is reprising her Suicide Squad role of Harley Quinn, while Jurnee plays Black Canary and Mary is Huntress. Rosie Perez is set to play Renee Montoya, a.k.a. The Question, while the new Batgirl is widely expected to make an appearance.

The girl gang doesn’t stop there, with Dead Pigs director Cathy Yan behind the camera. “I could not put the script down,” she explained earlier this week, “it had so much dark humor to it which a lot of my work does, and there are themes of female empowerment which are so strong and relatable.”

Birds of Prey is due to open in theaters February 7, 2020.

Are you excited to see Ewan in a superhero movie?

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.