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Actor-writer-director Jordan Peele (Key and Peele, Keanu) is reviving The Twilight Zone, acting as executive producer, narrator and host. According to, filming began this week in Vancouver.

Now, Peele has narrated this just-released trailer for the revival, which doubles as a retrospective look back at some of the most memorable scenes created by Rod Serling for the original series, which ran from 1959-64:

The above clip starts off with the familiar voice of Serling, who narrated the original series, but as we make our way through the footage, it’s Peele’s voice we hear: “Now, in 2019, you’re traveling through another dimension. A dimension of not only sight and sound, but of mind.”

Alas, we don’t get a look at what’s to come, but reportedly we can expect a diner scene in the first episode, which was a reoccurring setting in the original.

But the production trailer isn’t a complete tease. Near the end of the clip (1:09), we see a modern-day clapboard, confirming reports that filming has indeed begun (hoorah!).

If the new series does premiere next year as planned, the timing’s pretty perfect: 2019 marks the 60th anniversary of the 1959 premiere of the original Twilight Zone.

Of course, Twilight Zone fans will know this isn’t the first time the twisty-turny, time-bending TV series has been revived: two other TV reboots have aired — one in the 1980s and the other in the early 2000s. And in 1983, a film adaptation hit the big screen, with four directors taking part, including Steven Spielberg (Bridge of Spies), Joe Dante (Legends of Tomorrow), John Landis (Psych), and George Miller (Mad Max: Fury Road).

Simon Kinberg (Legion) and Marco Ramirez (Daredevil) will be producing the new series alongside Peele, bringing their sci-fi expertise to the project.

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By Brigid Brown