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AMC and the BBC are adapting John le Carré‘s 1983 spy novel The Little Drummer Girl into a six-part miniseries, airing over three consecutive nights this fall. The first look trailer was released earlier this month, and now there’s a follow-up clip, which fills in some of the blanks.

The story revolves around young actress Charlie (Florence Pugh), who’s brought into the world of espionage by Israeli spy Martin Kurtz (Michael Shannon). It looked in that first trailer very much like Charlie was being used as bait, and the just released footage more or less confirms our suspicions.

“So I’m bait?,” Charlie asks in this new clip:

While it’s true that she’s being used to lure a mark, Charlie isn’t 100 percent disposable. And she’s not in this on her own, working with agents Becker (Alexander Skarsgård) and Kurtz. Not everyone is looking out for her, however…

Charlie is going to have to keep her wits about her; this is definitely a life or death situation.

So why did she agree to take on such a risky job? Kurtz’s declaration in the clip hints that perhaps her acting career has so far been underwhelming: “You have talent being wasted. Collaborate with us on this performance, and you will never be wasted again.”

Well, apparently flattery got her attention, because despite her reservations, she agrees to do it.

And going by the book’s 1970s setting and storyline, she’s also politically motivated: Charlie is described as a radical left-wing English actress recruited by Kurtz to help him snare a Palestinian terrorist.

She is asked to pretend she’s in a relationship with the terrorist’s brother in an attempt to get his attention and bring him out of hiding. To clarify, she’s not engaging with his actual brother, but instead an agent (Skarsgård) who steps in to impersonate the sibling. This is where her training as an actress comes in.

In 2016, you may have spotted Pugh in the first season of the crime drama Marcella as Cara Thomas. In the same year, she took on the title role in the feature film Lady Macbeth. And she takes on the role of Amy March in Greta Gerwig‘s 2019 Little Women film adaptation.

The Little Drummer Girl — a six-part miniseries — will kick off in the U.S. on November 19, airing on AMC. Viewers in the U.K. can watch this fall on BBC One.

Have you already read the book? Are you keen on seeing The Little Drummer Girl on-screen!?

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By Brigid Brown