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In the first look trailer for HBO’s new series Camping, we really didn’t get a good sense of David Tennant‘s character, Walt. He doesn’t say much, despite the fact that the show revolves around HIS birthday.

But in the just released second trailer, the Doctor Who alum is more in the forefront. Maybe his voice was stifled a bit the first go around because his loving, yet over-the-top, wife (Jennifer Garner) is a tad controlling? She’s organized a camping trip for his 45th birthday, which is intended to be fun, but it seems more of a stress builder than anything.

As the trailer says, “They’re escaping reality — but not each other.”

When Walt’s asked about his wife’s wound-up ways by the camp site’s director (Bridget Everett), he responds, “She’s mentally quite sound.” The funny thing is, he’s not joking. Walt is definitely a straight arrow and not picking up on the sarcasm.

If you’re hankering to check out the “before” version (HBO’s Camping is a remake of a British show), here’s a look at the trailer for the original 2016 series, starring creator Julia Davis and Steve Pemberton as the not-so-happily married couple:

The eight-part series, which also stars Juliette Lewis, Ione Skye, Arturo del Puerto, Janizca Bravo and Brett Gelman, premieres over at HBO on October 14.

We’re still not getting enough David Tennant in the new preview — how about you?

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By Brigid Brown