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(Photos: Instagram/Twitter)

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, an intergalactic gallery of all that is wonderful in the Whoniverse over the past seven days on the internet and across social media.

And we begin this week with something glorious. Peter Capaldi spent the weekend at DragonCon in Atlanta, and while he was there, he came face to face with a fully working puppet of himself. And he even managed to get his puppet to sign an autograph for Valerie Meiss, his puppet’s creator.

Here’s the adorable video:

And while we’re paying effusive tribute to Peter at DragonCon… here he is meeting Mr Curry, the character he plays in the Paddington movies:

And just hanging out:

He wasn’t the only one there, here’s Pearl Mackie’s Cyberfamily reunion:

And this is the kind of clever the Doctor would definitely like:

Whereas this, from an earlier Con appearance, is just too lovely:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• Yaz and Ryan looking pensive:

• A trailer for Lady Christina’s new adventures:

• A stunning TARDIS:

• One lump or twelve?

• This is great, an infographic of every actor who got to say “I am the Doctor”

• And for further illustration, here are all the TV Doctors:

• A trailer for the Fourth Doctor’s apocalyptic adventure “The Armageddon Factor”:

• And “The Power of Kroll”

• “Books are the best weapon in the world”

• Eleven returns to space (sort of):

• Speaking of whom:

• Bow ties are always cool:

• This is incredible:

• And he’s not the only one to return to time travel:

• Back to school, Class fans:

• Amy Pond, Manga-style:

• And a cartoon Thirteen:

• British sci-fi fans tip a hat to the amazing Jaqueline Pearce:

More Peter, from the fan artists:

• “The Ark” in color:

• Missy (and friends) in even more color:

• Let’s end this week with something barmy. Crossovers are a wonderful thing, but what if some bright spark was to use clips from Thomas the Tank Engine to deliver very brief plot summaries of some of Doctor Who’s most notable stories? Here it is:


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By Fraser McAlpine