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(Photos: Twitter/Instagram/YouTube)

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day Roundup, an intergalactic mash-up of all that is good and creative in Whovian fandom in the past week on social media and the internet at large.

And we begin this week with one of the nicest possible things the actors who used to be the Doctor can do, make a personal video in which they reprise the role at a key moment in a fan’s life.

This week, Christopher Eccleston did the honors, appearing in a video in character as the Ninth Doctor for the wedding of superfans Blaine and Liam, and having a glorious time of it too:

He’s not the only Doctor to have done it, remember this gem from Peter Capaldi a couple of years ago?

And needless to say, the fans loved the chance to see Nine back in action:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• Season 11 has an official launch date:

• Which means the countdown has begun:

• Remember to mark your calendars:

• And as the internet is the internet, there’s already a parody:

• A direct interpretation…

• And fan art galore…

• Complete with cosplay…

• And, er, this:

• To celebrate, BBC AMERICA is having a Doctor Who Marathon:

• SFX is on board too:

Chris Chibnall has explained the philosophy behind the new season – beware of spoilers if you would rather not know who isn’t going to appear:

Jodie Whittaker on being the Doctor:

• Vote in the People’s Choice awards:

• “Deep Breath” as a cartoon:

• A regeneration has occurred:

• The Who theme gets a jazzy makeover:

• But the attack eyebrows remain:

• An official BBC supercut of Doctor Who’s most kickass women:

• Speaking of whom:

• A trailer for the Fourth Doctor adventure “The Armageddon Factor”

Christel Dee meets Ace, and puppet Ace:

• Good? Maybe. Man? Not so much:

• OR that Nardole has reality issues:

• The TARDIS on the move:

• And to finish this week, while we’re all excitedly awaiting the new Doctor, why not indulge in any of these long chats from the previous Doctor and some of his best friends. Here’s a full hour of Peter Capaldi and Michelle Gomez’s panel at Dragon Com 2018:

And Peter with Pearl Mackie:

And if that wasn’t a rowdy enough finale, how about John Barrowman and Catherine Tate?


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By Fraser McAlpine