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Director Oliver Stone (Wall Street) and actor Benicio Del Toro (Sicario) worked together on the 2012 film Savages, and now these two talents are teaming up once again. This time around, Stone will be writing and directing the forthcoming drama White Lies, with Del Toro in the lead.

Del Toro plays a husband and father, named Jack, who finds himself repeating his parents’ mistakes with his own marriage and child-raring. The story covers a lot of ground, “tracing through three generations,” according to Deadline Hollywood.

White Lies is set in NYC, where filming will begin in spring 2019.

There’s not a ton of information about the plot, but apparently Jack goes on a sort of sabbatical, taking a break from his responsibilities. The film’s description says, in an attempt to fix his troubled marriage, he indulges in a “lust-filled journey.” Not surprisingly, he becomes even more lost, before coming out on the other side.

We don’t know much more than this, but we trust Stone behind the camera — and Del Toro in front of it.

As of now, Del Toro is the only actor cast, but there are at least two female characters we can look for: Jack’s wife and a new woman he meets.

In the meantime, you can look for Del Toro in the forthcoming Showtime miniseries, Escape at Dannemora, premiering on October 15.

Is this director/actor combo an alluring prospect?

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By Brigid Brown