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Just the other day (August 27) we reported that Emma Watson will replace Emma Stone in Greta Gerwig‘s Little Women, due to Stone’s scheduling conflicts.

It’s common for this kind of switcheroo to happen behind the scenes, and often moviegoers aren’t aware of the changeup.

With that said, it’s just emerged that Emily Blunt wasn’t the actress originally cast to star opposite her actor husband John Krasinski, in last year’s A Quiet Place.

Krasinski, who also directed the film, was chatting with U.K. paper The Independent when he made the reveal: “I can’t say who, but essentially, yes — Emily had someone fired,” reported on by PureWow.

Aghast! That sounds more like the “Emily” from The Devil Wears Prada, than the actress herself.

Well, we shall take this “big reveal” with a grain of salt, that it didn’t happen in a sabotage-y kind of way. Apparently, Blunt was Krasinski’s first choice, but according to the interview, he was “too scared” to broach the subject with his wife, afraid their working together might impact family life. But Blunt read the script and couldn’t see anyone else in the role but herself, and the decision was made.

Krasinski went on to say, “It without a doubt made our marriage stronger. I think we were both surprised by that. Not that I thought it would get worse, but we were much more in love after the movie.”

OK, this is getting a little too mushy for our palate. Luckily, Krasinski pulls back on the PDA, ending the interview on a joke: “I also certainly wouldn’t have felt as comfortable watching someone else pretend to give birth in a bathtub.” Fair enough.

If you’re now in the mood for more Krasinski, he takes on the title role in the new espionage series Jack Ryan, premiering August 31 on Amazon Prime. Blunt, meanwhile, is set to star as our favorite magical nanny in Mary Poppins Returns, which hits theaters December 19.

Would you like to see John Krasinski and Emily Blunt on-screen together again?

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By Brigid Brown