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Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, an intergalactic constellation made up of stellar contributions to the universe inhabited by the Doctor, his friends and his enemies, over the last seven days on the internet.

And we begin this week with some extra-curricular activities from former Doctors, starting with David Tennant. Have you ever entertained the idea of a crossover between Doctor Who and Spider-Man? Well this skit from Channel 4’s online therapy comedy Hang Ups (which begins with Jessica Hynes from “Human Nature” / “The Family of Blood”) ends with David imagining himself as your friendly neighborhood web-slinger. It’s perhaps less fun than it sounds:

And what if he was someone else? Jerry Hall, perhaps? Here’s an outtake:

And if that’s a bit too unnerving, how about Peter Capaldi reading a section from the children’s book The Grotlyn by Benji Davies? He’s narrating the audiobook, and this brief snippet is a wonderfully sweet taster for the rest:

Speaking of Peter being wonderfully sweet, here’s how he answers a question about his eyebrows from a young fan at Comic-Con:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• A history of the kickass women of Who:

• A comic preview:

• An artistic tribute to Twelve:

• This beautifully colorful title sequence:

• The Doctor meets Guinan from Star Trek: The Next Generation:

• Thirteen (and friends) fan art:

• A tiny Doctor needs a tiny sonic:

• Look who’s back:

• How Bill Potts helped the Doctor rediscover his love of exploration:

• The Doctor, Bill and Nardole:

Doctor Who fans from both sides of the camera have paid tribute to the wonderfully talented production designer Michael Pickwoad, who passed away this week.

Here he is exploring the TARDIS:

• Lost photos of a lost Doctor Who story emerge:

• Suddenly fezzes look a bit cooler:

• An inquisitive Ten:

• The War Doctor meets the Ice Warriors:

• How these Doctors found out they were the Doctor:

• And here there are, some time (and space) later:

• Let’s end this week with something tantalizing. YouTuber VG934 has created this series trailer for Doctor Who, cut to the song “Another Girl, Another Planet” by the Only Ones, and it’s among the most exciting summaries of the modern era imaginable. Roll on Season 11!


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By Fraser McAlpine