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Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a Gallifreyan gallimaufry of fan creativity, news and excitement from the past week in Doctor Who.

And we begin this week with a reunion of former flatmates. Former Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith has been doing a few interviews this week, and met up with his old friend James Corden, who leapt on the chance to confront him with some Whovian tattoos:

He also appeared with Larry Smith, telling him that Whovians are in for a treat with Jodie Whittaker:

And played a revealing round of If Only You Knew:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

The new team of writers and directors for Season 11 have been revealed. So here’s who’s who in the new Doctor Who:

• The list includes former Children’s Laureate Malorie Blackman:

• And a very happy Angus Duncan

• And Pete McTighe:

• A new Doctor Who Magazine is on the way:

• #NoPuns

• A collision of Doctors is imminent:

• An alternate reality version of The Many Lives of Doctor Who:

• This is great, a reminder of how horrifying the Cybermen are:

• Here’s the box, where’s the mad man..?

• Infinite Mad Libs:

• Thirteen has a furry makeover:

• A trio of teaser trailers for the Fourth Doctor, starting with “The Pirate Planet”

• Then “The Stones of Blood”

• And finally “The Androids of Tara”

• The Fifth Doctor’s artistic side:

• And look, his companion Tegan Jovanka has some news for you:

• Speaking of whom, here’s Matthew Waterhouse (who played his companion Adric) on Season 11:

• And as we know, Thirteen is all about color:

• So to finish, how about a thrilling fan recap of the last 10 seasons, to prepare us for the fun ahead:


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By Fraser McAlpine