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We’re used to seeing Matt Smith as a time traveler, or more specifically, a Time Lord. But in his new zombie thriller Patient Zero, time is not on his side.

In director Stefan Ruzowitzky‘s film, the world’s population is rapidly becoming infected by a viral super-strain, which is spreading faster than it can be contained.

Smith plays a man named Morgan, who’s been bitten by the Infected, but he has not turned. But since he has a bit of the strain in his bloodstream, he is able to communicate with the violent predators.

As we learn in the just released trailer (July 17), the strain has varying effects on humans. Stanley Tucci plays one of the Infected, who is still of sound mind, and gives Morgan some insight, “You assume we’re all the same?”

Well, he may not be as stable as he first appears, because he follows up with, “I don’t think that we’re the diseased, we’re the cure, to get rid of the human infection.” Oh boy.

Smith is fighting against time in the new film, and needs to find patient zero and then a cure before the entire population is taken over. And yep, he’s going to have to kick some zombie butt while he’s at it:

Morgan doesn’t have to go it alone, though. He’s joined in his efforts by Dr. Gina Rose, played by Natalie Dormer (Game of Thrones). We can also look for Dormer’s GoT co-star John Bradley, who portrayed Samwell Tarly. Colin McFarlane (The Commuter) will star as Colonel Pierce and Clive Standen (Vikings) is set to portray Colonel Knox.

If you can’t quite picture Smith as a zombie hunter, here’s a peek at him in 2016’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies:

According to Variety, Patient Zero will be released on August 14 via digital and video-on-demand. A limited theatrical release will follow on September 14.

Saving the world is one thing, but what do you think of Matt Smith’s American accent?! 

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By Brigid Brown