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The trailer for the next season of Outlander dropped just yesterday (July 30), and its star Sam Heughan‘s forthcoming film The Spy Who Dumped Me hits theaters this Friday (August 3).

The Scottish actor is plenty busy, but he still has time to daydream about playing the iconic James Bond.

In an interview with the Sunday Post, published yesterday, Heughan revealed, “I’ve always wanted to play James Bond. It’s a part of every British actor’s legacy.”

And who’s his favorite Bond to date? That would be Timothy Dalton because “he was slightly edgy and dark.”

He did give a nod to his fellow Scotsman Sean Connery, calling him “brilliant.” But if he has to “choose one,” he’s sticking with Dalton.

Heughan has an idea on how to present Bond in a different manner — with a prequel. “I would like to see a young Bond in Scotland. Let’s see the beginning, the origin.”

He goes on to say, “Look, Bond is a bit of a dinosaur, isn’t he? Daniel Craig began to get an emotional depth to him and maybe we could go further with that.”

Oof! Those are some fighting words.

We should point out that Craig, the sixth actor to play the secret agent having taken over from Pierce Brosnan in 2005, has signed on for another installment of Bond — temporarily referred to as Bond 25 — which should release in 2019.

So we’re guessing that Craig’s replacement won’t be announced any time soon. But, it doesn’t hurt for Heughan to throw his hat in the ring.

The Bond question also came up in a Facebook Live session with Heughan last week. When asked, “Are you really in the running for James Bond?,” he didn’t disappoint with his reply.

“Well if you would like me to, of course I will,” he said. “I feel like I’ve got the tuxedo, I’ve got the car from this movie so I could just take them with me.”

“So, really actually they don’t need to pay me that much because I can bring everything with me,” he added.

We have to say, Heughan does make a pretty convincing secret agent in the action-comedy The Spy Who Dumped Me, opposite Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon:

Do you think Sam Heughan could land the coveted role? 

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By Brigid Brown