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(Photos: BBC/Twitter)

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who‘s Day roundup, which is normally a friendly sift through the week’s social media to find thrilling examples of Whovian creativity, news and other fun stuff.

This week is slightly different, as there has been what we can only describe as a deluge of astonishing things. A new Season 11 trailer, a new Sonic and a ton of interviews and appearances by the new Doctor Who cast at San Diego Comic-Con.

Here’s how it started:

• A trailer for Season 11! It’s here!

• Oh no wait hang on, it’s HERE:

• The Doctor Who team went to Comic-Con, it’s kind of a big deal. Here’s how Jodie Whittaker got there:

• She arrived to a warm welcome from fans:

• And here are a few highlights of their panel.

Highlights from the @bbcamerica #DoctorWho panel at #SDCC, moderated by @terri__schwartz.

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• Welcoming the new Doctor:

• And who IS the Thirteenth Doctor:

• And the question of addressing the Doctor as a female actor:

Chris Chibnall offers some hints about Season 11:

• There’s a full report on Comic-Con at

• And there were interviews! Like this one:

• And this one:

• And this one:

• And this one:

• This is a particularly good moment:

• And a new Sonic!

• And a great lifesize LEGO Doctor:

• Jodie hits the town:

• And there were crossovers:

• Hello Sweetie!

• We’d be remiss if we didn’t include the fan art. Oh! The fan art:

• Speaking of art:

• And there’s even a musical response to the new Doctor:

• Wouldn’t you know it, people have really enjoyed talking about all this stuff:

• In summary:

• There are astonishing publications on the way too. Doctor Who Magazine, for starters:

• and The Women Who Lived:

• British Whovians (or Whovians on holiday) can look forward to this:

• (Note: he doesn’t really mean it)

• A different kind of journey through time:

• Haemovore in the middle:

And to finish, let’s have that entire Comic-Con panel in all of its glory. Sit back and relax, the Doctor will see you now:


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By Fraser McAlpine