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As filming on the new Men in Black movie is about to begin in London, England, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that British actor Rafe Spall will join the cast.

The sci-fi/action franchise, which kicked off in 1997 starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in the lead roles, prompted two follow-ups in 2002 and 2012.

We’re excited that this latest spinoff (which was confirmed last year) will include Spall, but details on who exactly he’ll play remain under wraps. Needless to say, we’ll keep you posted.

We may not know much as about this new role, but Anglophenia reported a few months back that Spall will take the lead in the three-part BBC adaptation on of H.G. Wells‘ The War of the Worlds. He really seems to be racking up those sci-fi parts!

It’s also been confirmed that Spall will be joined in the (as yet untitled) Men in Black reboot by Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley, The Big Sick) and street-dancing team, twins Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois (also known as the Les Twins).

In addition to the four new actors, Thor star Chris Hemsworth has signed on to star in the spinoff. He told Variety in March, “We’re basically trying to put a lot of humor in to it like the previous ones. These are obviously some big big shoes to fill, so we’re working our butts off on it to make something pretty epic and fun,” reports SreenRant. 

Details on the film itself are limited, but according to, it will be more of a group effort, centering around an ensemble cast, unlike the previous movies, which featured just two leads.

While we won’t see Smith or Jones reprise their MIB roles, the new film will “expand” on the original trilogy, reports

The Men in Black spinoff will be directed by F. Gary Gray (The Fate of the Furious) and written by Iron Man‘s Matt Holloway and Art Marcum.

Spall is currently filming The War of the Worlds, opposite Eleanor Tomlinson. We can look for the next installment of Men in Black in 2019. If you’d like to backtrack to watch some of his recent work, he starred in 2018’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Are you excited to be getting more Rafe Spall on the small and big screens? 

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By Brigid Brown