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Before James Corden was the late night host of American TV, he co-created and co-starred in The Wrong Mans, alongside Mathew Baynton. And, as we reported a few months back, the 2013 action-comedy series it’s set to get an American remake, courtesy of Showtime.

Now it’s emerged that comedy actress Jillian Bell (Rough Night) has been cast in the role of Phil (though she’ll be called Anna), which was originally played by Corden. The gender-switch casting is a refreshing change from the traditional “cut and paste” approach of putting same sex replacements in roles.

Corden and Baynton are on board for the remake, however, and are writing the pilot alongside U.S. TV writer Ian Maxtone-Graham (The Simpsons). Original director Jim Field Smith (Episodes) will run the show.

The Wrong Mans originally aired on the BBC in the U.K. and via Hulu in the U.S. If you didn’t catch it the first time around, the series revolves around two office mates who get themselves into a whole lot of trouble when Baynton’s character, Sam, answers a ringing phone at the site of a road traffic accident. And as the show’s title suggests, he’s not the guy who was supposed to take the call.

The caller is holding a woman hostage and Sam can’t just ignore it. His bestie, Phil (Corden), makes sure Sam doesn’t have to handle this alone. And so “man” becomes “mans.”

Bell, who will star opposite Ben Schwatz‘s Sam in the remake, isn’t super high-profile (yet), but you may have spotted her in films like 2017’s Rough Night, opposite Scarlett Johansson or in 2014’s 22 Jump Street. She also starred in the 2017 season of the TV series Workaholics. Schwartz, meanwhile, is best known for his role in House of Lies as the slightly slimy Clyde.

It’s a little too soon to predict a premiere date, so to tide you over, here’s the trailer for the U.K. version:

We really enjoyed this the first time around and can’t wait to see how the U.S. remake turns out.

Do you think The Wrong Mans will translate across the pond? 

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By Brigid Brown