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Amy Adams, who we loved as a fake British con artist in American Hustle, plays the lead in what’s set to be one of the biggest TV shows of 2018: HBO’s adaptation of Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn‘s dark, thriller Sharp Objects (July 7). 

She might be a mega star but Adams has her head on straight. Check out seven reasons we find this versatile, five times Oscar nominated actress so very relatable:

1. She’s Just “Momma” to Her Young Daughter 

When Adams swung by The Graham Norton Show for a chat, the convo turned to a possible Enchanted sequel. Graham asked the actress whether her young daughter would be “geeked” if she returns to play the maiden Giselle. Um, that’s a hard “no.” Adams elaborated, saying, “I’m momma to her. Like, she doesn’t think of me as an actress at all. She makes fun of me for it for it, like when I FaceTime her, she’s like, ‘Oh my god, it’s Amy Adams!’ She’s six, by the way.” That’s one way to stay humbled.

2. She Seeks Her Family’s Approval 

When Late Show host Stephen Colbert caught up with Adams to talk about her 2016 film Nocturnal Animals, they began by comparing notes on their big families. Colbert is one of 11 kids, and Amy is one of seven, but it turns out their spouses each grew up with just one sibling. Adams goes on to explain how she introduced her now husband to her giant family. Having only known him for only two weeks, she took him to her sister’s wedding. “I was like, ‘Well, before I can figure out if this is going to go any further, I might as well…’ And he survived!” A bold move, but clearly it paid off.

3. She’s Not Afraid to Confess Her Oopsie Moments

Have you ever walked into a public bathroom and realized you might have taken a wrong turn? Or not read the sign? Yep, Adams too. She gave Jimmy Fallon the deets, explaining that she’d been traveling a lot for work and ducked into an airport bathroom to call her husband and daughter. When a man came out of a stall, she thought to herself, “That’s weird,” but kept talking. But when a second guy walked into the bathroom, major red flag. She turned, looked and saw… urinals. Nope, definitely not the ladies’ room. Eh, it happens!

4. She’s Self-Deprecating — and She Has a Favorite Sci-Fi Movie 

Adams had a sit-down with Dr. Andy Howell, a reporter for Science vs. Cinema, who’s also an astrophysicist. Howell greeted Adams, saying, “We talk to scientists about the science behind the movies and then we talk to the filmmakers about the choices they make.” Adams, who was promoting her 2016 sci-fi film Arrival, self-deprecatingly chimed in, “Keep in mind, I am an actress. I am not even the filmmaker… you must understand my limitations.” They both laughed  then went on to discuss everything from Adams playing a linguist to working with a real-life one to prepare — and how she handled acting in different timelines. It’s a very interesting interview all in all, but one of the biggest takeaways for us is when Adams reveals her favorite sci-fi film. Which is… The Abyss. Writer-director James Cameron‘s 1989 film stars Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, as part of a diving team that faces off with an alien aquatic species. Good choice, Amy — you know your stuff!!

5. She is Super Excited About the Enchanted Sequel

If you watched the Graham Norton clip at the top of this list, you’ll already know that the eagerly anticipated sequel to 2007’s family-comedy Enchanted is happening. In the original, Adams plays Giselle, an animated maiden who comes to life, landing in NYC where she meets a dashing divorce lawyer, played by Patrick Dempsey. But it was on the red carpet at the 2017 BAFTA’s, that we learned just how she feels about the follow-up. BAFTA correspondent Zoë Ball says to Adams, “I must say, very excited about Disenchanted!” Adams, responds, “Me too! Me too!” She’s so excited, she says it twice, then adds: “I haven’t read the script, but I know they’re developing it. So, fingers crossed that that’s going to all go well.” And it does definitely seem to be happening, with director Adam Shankman telling a Television Critics Association panel earlier this year, “The fundamental story has changed a little bit, but not from the base story of it. It’s about Giselle 10 years later going, ‘What is happily ever after?'”

6. She Takes Weird Compliments in Stride

The actress isn’t wrapped up in her looks, but if someone gives her a weird compliment, it can be uncomfortable. In the 2016 thriller, Nocturnal Animals, her character is told she has “sad, beautiful eyes.” Adams reveals that in real life too she’s been the recipient of some back-handed compliments, like, “You’re so much prettier in person,” and, “You’re so much smaller than I expected you to be.” Her reaction? She confidently laughs it off, joking that, “Apparently I don’t photograph that well.” Nonsense! But we love the fact that she chooses not to dwell on unsolicited remarks.

7. She Makes Awkward Situations Funny 

When you’re meeting a lot of people to promote a film, chances are someone is going to get flirty. In 2010, Adams sat down with reporter Kevin McCarthy to talk about The Fighter. Then out of nowhere, McCarthy takes the interview to an uncomfortable place: “Let’s say I want to get into boxing shape. I want to get the six pack abs and the muscles. Is that what I need to get a girl?” Adams bursts out laughing, clearly not expecting the question to end on that note. “Are you hitting on me?” she asks. “Because I have a baby!” But she goes on to give him some heartfelt advice: “It doesn’t hurt. It won’t hurt you in your pursuit. It’s not necessary, but it won’t hurt.” That could have gone another way, but Adams reined it in.

And Another Thing…

Just to be clear, this is a post about Amy Adams, not Isla Fisher. The extremely similar looking Nocturnal Animals co-stars are often mistaken for each other. Fisher even went so far as to cut and paste Adams’ face on her Christmas card, and no one picked up on it:

Is Amy Adams your kind of actress? 

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