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Jonathan Rhys Meyers has taken on iconic roles like King Henry VII in The Tudors (2007-2010) and more recently as Bishop Heahmund in Vikings (2017-2018).

This time around, he’s going a little more modern, and a little less holy, starring as undercover agent Ari Ben-Sion in the upcoming thriller Damascus Cover, hitting theaters July 20.

He’s joined by the late John Hurt, who passed in 2017 following filming. This marks Hurt’s final film, which won six awards at the 2017 Boston Film Festival. Hurt plays Miki, Ben-Sion’s contact on the inside.

In the official trailer, spotted yesterday (June 10) by Geek Tyrant, we learn Ben-Sion has been passing himself off as German businessman, Hans Hoffmann. He’s now assigned to escorting a chemical weapons scientist and his family out of Syria.

He may not be at the James Bond level of espionage, expressing what sounds like self-doubt, saying, “Lying to everyone is difficult. But, my life depends on keeping the two worlds separate.”

Ben-Sion may have a reason for being rattled. He’s 30 years in the field, this is his last-ditch effort to salvage his career and he soon finds out he’s actually… bait:

We’re liking this look at a not-so-perfect spy’s life.

This is Daniel Berk‘s feature film debut, based on Howard Kaplan‘s 1977 novel by the same name.

The cast is rounded out with Olivia Thirlby (Juno) playing an American love interest to Rhys Meyers’ Ben-Sion.

Rhys Meyers has starred in a recent string of under-the-radar films, including London Town (2016), Stonewall (2015), and Another Me (2013).

Do you think this spy drama will but him back on moviegoers’ watch list?  

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By Brigid Brown