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Luther fans know Ruth Wilson is a dab hand at acting sinister, but she’s taken it to new heights in the trailer for The Little Stranger released yesterday (June 11).

She plays Caroline Ayres, who lives in a dilapidated mansion in 1940s England with her mother (Charlotte Rampling) and brother Roderick (Maze Runner‘s Will Poulter), where they are visited by local doctor Faraday (Star Wars‘ Domnhall Gleeson).

Needless to say, Faraday discovers all is not what it seems. At first, he believes some of the strange goings-on are brought about by the delusions suffered by Roderick since his service in the war, until events reawaken some ghosts from his past, that is.

The good doctor is featured on the utterly creepy film poster, which was also released yesterday:

(Poster: Focus Features)

And then there’s the trailer itself, which is even more unsettling than a sighting of Luther‘s Alice Morgan:

The film is based on a 2009 gothic novel by Sarah Waters, the author behind Tipping Velvet and Fingersmith. It’s directed by Lenny Abrahamson, whose previous projects include the Oscar-winning adaptation of Room and 2014’s off-kilter musical drama Frank, which also starred Domhnall.

The Little Stranger will haunt theaters from August 31.

Are you spooked by this trailer?

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.