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Wonder Woman (2017) director Patty Jenkins is all about social media these days, turning to Twitter to announce Kristen Wiig joining the suped-up sequelWonder Woman 1984. Now, she’s posted a picture of the Bridesmaids actress in character.

Wiig is set to take on the role of the villainous Cheetah, but like many DC Comics characters, she has a daytime alter-ego. And it’s this incarnation — Wiig as archaeologist Dr. Barbara Minerva — we meet in Jenkins’ tweet.

Here she is, surrounded by taxidermied animals:

It is the ’80s, so her outfit is a little over-sized. But don’t let this frumpy look deceive you; when she gets into Cheetah-mode, we’re expecting a more slick, lycra-heavy style.

The comic book character is in fact British, but we’ll have to wait for actual footage with audio to confirm whether that detail has made it into the film.

As her name predicts, when Minerva becomes Cheetah, she will develop superhero feline powers, including intensified strength, speed, sense of smell, night vision and… hunting abilities.

There are various forms of Cheetah in the DC Comics. In some cases, she’s only able to change during a full moon, while in other stories she can transform at will, with the help of chemical enhancement. It’s not clear what version Jenkins will turn to, nor has the storyline been released, but we do know Cheetah is no friend of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot).

2017’s Wonder Woman is set during WWI, so how does the sequel wind up being set in 1984? Well, Wonder Woman is the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta, which makes her a demigod and potentially immortal. Her “extended lifespan” takes her through the decades. In Lynda Carter‘s classic TV series, Wonder Woman, which kicked off in 1975 and ran through 1979, it was believed she was 100s of years old.

While there may be some debate over whether Wonder Woman is actually immortal, the character herself has staying power.

Wonder Woman 1984 is heading to theaters in 2019.

Are you keen on Kristen Wiig joining the superhero universe? 

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By Brigid Brown