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Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day a huge hugging together of some of the greatest moments of news, fan creativity and unearthly fun over the past seven days on social media and the internet.

And we begin this week with a startlingly original idea for a Season 11 credits sequence, animated by YouTuber AdamAB:

Doctor Who has always suited animation and cartoon art, and indeed there are sections of the show’s illustrious TV history that has had to be animated to fill in the gaps in the archive. Fans have made their own versions of these sections too, such as this recreation of the moment Victoria leaves the Second Doctor and Jamie at the end of “Fury from the Deep”:

And then there are the comic artists who render iconic Doctor Who moments in full cartoon splendor, such as Thiago Luzx:

And Angie Christa‘s Chibi Three Doctors:

And who wouldn’t love to see the War Doctor styled by Disney:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

Noel Clarke has stealthily been collecting selfies with the Doctor Who cast:

• A guide to the Fourth Doctor’s first season:

• And there’s even a fan-made trailer:

• The Tenth Doctor, given a heroic digital makeover:

Karen Gillan dances with her dad:

Wonder where I got my moves from? #daddancing

A post shared by Karen Gillan (@karengillanofficial) on

• Oh look! The Third Doctor’s iconic Whomobile does have a manual. Whether the Doctor has read it or not remains to be seen:

• The Second Doctor’s companions team up for fresh adventures:

• Speaking of old friends…

• This is a horrifying prospect:

• Ten meets the rainbow Daleks with pride:

• Home of the yellow yo-yo and Clara’s TENA Lady joke:

Torchwood: back in action:

• An artistic rendition of Eleven’s “stupid face”:

• Some ancient TV history here, an archived report into how the Seventh Doctor’s theme song was created, starring Sophie Aldred, who played Ace:

• Thirteen, ready to go:

• This run of similarly-formatted argument-starters:

• One and Two share a joke:

• If you’ve ever wondered who Bernice Summerfield is, here’s an excellent way to find out:

• Fan-made Doctor Who trailers always shine fresh light on the series and in particular the character of the Doctor, this one is really sweet:

Good advice for the Thirteenth Doctor:

• Of course, being time-travelers, the various Doctors could easily have done this before the Beatles:

• The First Doctor has a weekend off:

• And finally, let’s end this week with a particularly fine moment of fan creativity. Twitter user Dadros3 has made a remarkably successful Davros outfit for cosplay purposes, and is going to use it to take over the universe go to conventions:


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By Fraser McAlpine