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It was announced back in 2016 that Benedict Cumberbatch would voice Dr. Seuss’s grumpy green villain the Grinch. And just a few months back, there was a brief first look trailer for the 2018 animated film, simply called The Grinch.

There was a quickie follow-up, where we actually heard the Grinch’s voice, but it left us wanting more.

And here it is! Released today (June 14), finally we get to see the Grinch in full-force, booming out his villainous plan.

We also get a sense of what made the Grinch who he is today. When he looks back at his orphanage-dwelling childhood, we learn he didn’t have the best Christmas experience, and this soured the holiday for him as a grown-up. And if his Christmas has to suck… so must everybody else’s.

Yep, he’s the same ol’ Grinch we’re used to, and he’s still scheming to steal Christmas:

Even though the Grinch is meant to be a baddie, he always gives us a giggle. And adding Cumberbatch to the mix, plus a sympathetic backstory, softens the blow.

In case you missed it, this popped up on Facebook yesterday:

Notice Despicable Me‘s Gru (Steve Carell) is tagged in the above as having “Resting Grinch Face,” that’s because the creators of Despicable Me, The Secret Life of Pets and Sing are spearheading The Grinch.

Are you guilty of #RGF?

The Grinch will be out on November 9, just in time to ruin Christmas.

We’re guessing there will be other people lending their voices to the film, but as of now Cumberbatch is the one and only actor credited.

If you didn’t already know it was Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice, would you recognize it?

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By Brigid Brown