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Sir Ian McKellen, who just turned 79 three days ago (May 25), is currently filming The Good Liar, set to star opposite Dame Helen Mirren. Also, we can look for him in the title role of an upcoming stage production of William Shakespeare‘s King Lear in London, England, beginning July 11, 2018.

In other words, the veteran actor (Vicious, X-Men) has no plans of slowing down, and we are more than pleased to hear this. He recently talked to the Associate Press about how he sees his future in acting, saying, “I’ll keep going as long as the knees keep going. And the mind and the memory are still there.”

He realizes the time may come that it’s no longer up to him, which he addresses, “Any day now they can begin to fade and then I’ll perhaps regret that I didn’t do stuff I could have done while I was fit.”

But, he has a plan, which is to do as much as he can while in good shape: “So being fit, here I am and if I’m not acting, what the hell [am] I going to do, sitting at home.”

In addition to 2019’s Good Liar and this summer’s King Lear, McKellen has also signed on for Hamlet Revenant. The film is a modern day version of William Shakespeare‘s Hamlet, also starring Gabriel Byrne (Vikings) and Lambert Wilson (The Royal Exchange).

If you’re now wanting more of this fine actor, you can take a peek back at this BBC America photo gallery of Sir Ian McKellen Throughout the Years. 

Also, in between roles, you can follow him on Instagram. His social media game is on point.

McKellen may be feeling his age, which is completely understandable and common (we all do it!), but it’s not like we’re complaining or concerned… he is in great form.

What is your favorite Ian McKellen role? There are so many to choose from!

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By Brigid Brown