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Being a Sherlock fan hasn’t exactly been easy lately. Not only is the show’s future uncertain, but star Martin Freeman appeared to criticize some of its fans during an interview this March — a stance he’s since clarified.

But now, things seem to be looking up. In a new interview, Freeman has spoken encouragingly about the possibility of new episodes reuniting his character Dr. Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch‘s Sherlock.

“I think there could possibly be more with it – but at the same time, the way that the last one ended did feel like, if there’s more, it won’t be for a wee while,” he told The Guardian.

OK, so that’s not an outright yes, but it’s definitely enough to make us feel cautiously optimistic.

He also denied ever saying that “being in Sherlock isn’t always fun,” which was implied in the headline of that controversial March interview.

“What the headline said, I didn’t say,” Freeman insisted. “I didn’t say that Sherlock isn’t fun for me any more. I never said that. I was talking about different aspects of expectation of some fans. What I resented was it made it sound like I was saying doing Sherlock isn’t fun. There’s a lot of people I love on that show and that show has been extremely good to all of us.”

Last year, co-creator Steven Moffat admitted he does “sort of assume” Sherlock will be back at some point. So, Benedict Cumberbatch, it looks as though it’s over to you.

In the meantime, you can watch Freeman is his new movie, zombie-themed drama Cargo, which arrives on Netflix May 18.

What do you think about Martin Freeman’s latest comments on Sherlock? Do you expect to see the show back anytime soon?

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By Nick Levine