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While Sherlock Holmes may lead the pack, he’s not the only British sleuth on our watch list. Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope has been solving crimes in North East England since 2011 when the TV series Vera premiered.

And now we can look forward to more of Brenda Blethyn in the title role, with filming on season nine having just begun, reports Radio Times. 

If the ITV series is new to you, or you need a little bit of a catch up, DCI Stanhope (Blethyn) investigates heartbreaking crimes with meticulous determination. If she doesn’t get the answer straight away, she just keeps asking, asking and… asking until she cracks the case wide open.

Here’s a look at the dedicated detective and her straightforward information gathering tactics:

The new season is made up of four episodes. The first, “Blind Spot,” revolves around the murder of a young forensic psychologist whose body is found in a landfill nowhere near her home in Newcastle. There’s absolutely no indication of how she got there.

The lead detective isn’t left to handle these brutal cases on her own, however. She has the help of Detective Sergeant Aidan Healy (Kenny Doughty).

In addition to Blethyn and Doughty we can look for other returning cast members, including Jon Morrison as DC Kenny Lockhart and Riley Jones to play DC Mark Edwards. As well, DCI Stanhope has a new recruit, DC Jacqueline Williams, who will be played by Ibinabo Jack.

We can also look for other familiar faces in guest roles, including Doctor Who‘s Peter Davison, The Crown‘s James Atherton and Game of Thrones star Paul Kaye.

The TV series is based on Ann Cleeves‘ murder-mystery series of novels. On her official author website, she praises Blethyn for bringing Vera to the screen, saying, “She absolutely captures the spirit of the character.”

The crime writer doesn’t stop there, explaining that the actress is also somewhat of a muse when it comes to creating new stories: “Now, I hear her voice when I’m writing dialogue for the books. She has that wit, humor and a touch of cruelty. I don’t see Brenda so much because my vision of Vera is uglier than Brenda, even dressed-down Brenda, but I do hear Brenda’s voice in my head.”

The first eight seasons of Vera are available for streaming via Amazon. Season nine will air in the U.K. on ITV in 2019, with a U.S. premiere date still to come.

In the meantime, you can check out this Anglo post on 10 Female TV Detectives Who Changed the Game… and, yep, DCI Vera Stanhope is on the list.

What is your favorite Vera episode? 

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