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David Tennant is all sorts of busy these days. His next film, Bad Samaritan, hits theaters on May 4. He’s just finished filming Neil Gaiman‘s Good Omens miniseries and has now made his way to the set of Camping, the American remake of the 2016 British TV comedy series.

Tennant takes on the role of Walt, whose controlling, over-the-top L.A. wife (Jennifer Garner) organizes a family camping to celebrate his 45th birthday.

Yesterday, Lena Dunham (Girls), who co-wrote the new version with writing partner, Jenni Konner, shared a photo of the cast on-set via Instagram:

Day 1 #CampingHBO, look at this wonderful cast.

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And look! Bottom left, it’s Tennant, crouching down sporting sunglasses, a beard and a gigantic grin. And then there’s his statement tee…

It’s difficult to tell if they’re in costume here, since the clothes you’d throw on for a camping trip might closely resemble those you’d wear to, say, a table read. But, since they’re outdoors and Dunham labeled the snap, “Day 1,” we’re going to lean toward this being part of their wardrobe.

So, is the target on Tennant’s shirt purely aesthetic? ? OR, or is it a bullseye that’ll play into the plot somehow? We’ll have to wait and see.

In addition to Tennant, we see Garner in the white shirt with the words, “The” and “Great” wrapped around a star. Other cast members pictured include Juliette Lewis (in the blue baseball cap and scarf), Arturo del Puerto (Independence Day: Resurgence), Brett Gelman (Love), Janice Bravo (Love) and child actor Duncan Joiner (Lethal Weapon).

Here’s another look at Tennant with co-creator Konner:

Hmm, we wonder what they’re looking up at. Is it work-related? Or are they doing a little posing for the camera?

Well, one thing we do know for sure is that we can look for the series in 2019.

What do you think of David Tennant’s mirrored shades and statement tee? We like ’em!

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By Brigid Brown