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We loved Katee Sackhoff as Starbuck in the sci-fi hit Battlestar Galactica (2004-2009), which re-aired on BBC America. Now she’s returning to TV — and space — to play an astronaut in the new Netflix original series, Another Life, reports Deadline Hollywood.

From creator and showrunner Aaron Martin (DeGrassi: The Next Generation), the ten-parter revolves around space explorer Niko Breckinridge (Sackhoff), who’s in search of alien intelligence. She and her crew are “on a mission to explore the genesis of an alien artifact,” according to the show’s description.

In Battlestar Sackhoff was a badass pilot, and didn’t let anyone push her around. So it’s not a much of a stretch for us to picture her in this new role, zipping around the galaxy.

We’ve also seen Sackhoff star as herself in two The Big Bang Theory cameos, popping up in Howard’s daydreams. And we just watched her in the six season crime drama Longmire (2012-2017). Seasons 4-6 aired on Netflix, and Another Life will reunite Sackhoff with the online streaming service.

You can also look for her in The Flash TV series as Amunet Black, aka Blacksmith. She’s set to reprise the role in the upcoming May 8 episode, “Harry and the Harrisons.”

Are you excited to get more of Katee Sackhoff on the small screen?

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By Brigid Brown