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First things first, The Crown has not found its new Prince Philip just yet. We want to make sure to manage everyone’s expectations going into this update…

BUT, the show’s creator, Peter Morgan, who attended a BAFTA Masterclass panel discussion, reports RadioTimes, is actively searching for a new Prince Philip to take over in season three when Matt Smith (Doctor Who) ages out of the role. He also shared some fascinating insights into the inner workings of high-end casting.

Morgan revealed that they’re not auditioning the potential actors, since they’re all very experienced, saying, “You can’t get them to come in, mess around and read. They’re all people who have been working for a long time.”

Morgan elaborated on the difference in casting the older actors for the follow-up seasons: “They’d tell you to get stuffed if you asked them to come in and read! So, you have to make offers.”

That means this time around they won’t be able to conduct extensive “chemistry tests” — as they did with season one and two leads, Matt Smith (Prince Philip) and Claire Foy (Queen Elizabeth II) — to confirm whether the actors work well together.

As you know from earlier updates, Olivia Colman (Broadchurch) will be replacing Foy as Queen Elizabeth II, beginning as of season three. We really can’t imagine the sweet, funny actress telling Morgan off if he invited her to test (even though, it is an amusing image), but, we won’t question him or his theory.

In fact, casting Colman without an audition wasn’t an issue. Morgan was confident in the decision from the beginning, saying at the panel, “I think we all felt that Olivia Colman had something that corresponded to the Queen.”

What were the similarities he saw? Morgan elaborated: “That ability to be both plain and dazzling, both knowable and unknowable. There’s a sort of everywoman to her, she’s very connectable – and yet also somehow anonymous.”

Woah, those are the quite the compliments. No pressure or anything, now Morgan and the rest of The Crown team just need to find a male counterpart to match this amazing talent. A Prince, no less!

It seems they will have to make a decision sooner rather than later, with the third season set to kick off later this year.

Dare we ask — who’s your first pick for Prince Philip?!

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By Brigid Brown