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(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Sir Ben Kingsley is confirmed to star as an aging spy in the upcoming film Spider in the Web. But before we get to that… he’s set to take on the role of an ordinary man.

Okay, not really. In fact, the veteran actor will portray a war criminal and general who goes into hiding — or at least hiding in plain sight — in the film An Ordinary Man (see what we did there?). So, while his life was somewhat complicated before, it’s not really getting any easier. To survive, he needs to blend in with the general population.

The first trailer for the film has just been released today (March 18), and in it, The General (Kingsley) makes some bold statements, announcing in the first few seconds of the trailer: “Everyone needs a villain. War criminal. Fugitive. Please, I am all labels.”

And, apparently, everyone needs a confidant. She arrives in the form of Kingsley’s character’s maid (Hera Hilmar), who’s tasked with more than merely dusting down his lodgings…

“I will never hide. And I’ll never be taken,” he announces a little later. That’s a tall order, but if anyone can pull it off… 

An Ordinary Man is written and directed by Brad Silberling (A Series of Unfortunate Events). You can look for the film in theaters on April 13.

Is this going to get you out to the cinema? 

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By Brigid Brown