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Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a rolling stormcloud pelting the planet with top quality nuggets of Whovian hail from the past week on the internet and social media.

Speaking of which, we begin this week with the snow that has unseasonably covered a good deal of the UK over the past seven days. Roads have been blocked, food supplies affected, and of course, schools have been closed, which has given young people (and the young at heart) the perfect opportunity to get out in the snow and play.

But some of the frosty figures appearing in the ice look less friendly than usual. Is this a worldwide phenomenon?

Which sent us off on a hunt for other Doctor Who-related snow creations, like these baby Daleks:

Or this helpful motto, for anyone struggling to keep their balance:

Or this, for the fans of Big Finish audio adventures:

• And here’s a Cybersnowman from a few years ago, who has since been upgraded to a puddle:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

Matt Smith was on the legendary BBC Radio 4 show Desert Island Discs (you can hear the whole thing here) and described some of his more startling encounters with fans:

Doctor Who Magazine has undergone a regeneration:

• Gallifrey gears up for war:

• Jodie Whittaker makes a grand entrance:

• Neat needlework in action:

• The Thirteenth Doctor has some moves:

• And doesn’t mind hugging:

• It is fair to say that @GalacticWorld particularly loves Thirteen:

• The BBC announce the Seventh Doctor, in 1987:

• Meanwhile, in 1976, British children are giggling at this:

• A Robodoodle:

• Rachel Talalay talks to Den of Geek:

• This is so lovely. Fan footage of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan shooting “The Angels Take Manhattan” in Central Park, with Karen reading Amy Pond’s final message to the Doctor to help Matt find the feelings:

• Eerie fan Cyberdesign:

• “Hair trembles with emotion”

• Twelve in the sunshine:

• What do you mean they’re not real?

• Rory in fan art form:

David Tennant and Billie Piper having a wizard time:

• Twelve’s hair, a study across time:

• Thirteen is good to go:

• Black swirly things of doom:

• And speaking of swirly things, let’s end this week with this, a fan made opening title sequence with swooshy effects created by running a coloured version of the original 1963 titles through a virtual kaleidoscope:


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By Fraser McAlpine