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(Photos: Twitter/Tumblr)

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a Dalek’s backpack of sparkling Whovian fandom, news and creativity from the past week on the internet and in social media.

And we start this week with some sharp-eyed photo editing that puts some of the Doctor’s oldest adversaries into genuine human history.

Twitter user Jeff Goddard has been editing the faces of Doctor Who monsters into old sepiatone photographs, with impressively eerie results.

Take this Silurian, for example:

Or Davros, in his youth:

This is literally Masterful:

And here we see a Sontaran in an unusually reflective mood:

Speaking of whom, Sontarans with Attitude, anyone?

And they’re not the only ones:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

Fans are still making gorgeous title sequences for the Thirteenth Doctor:

• The Doctor isn’t always all about the running:

Broadchurch loyalties die hard…

• …and other revelations from Jodie Whittaker’s interview with the Sunday Times:

• A fan-made teaser trailer for a classic Fourth Doctor adventure:

• Mixital want your Amy tales:

• Which is as good a reason as any to put up this picture of Karen Gillan being excited on a plane:

A touch over excited to be flying to Tokyo

A post shared by Karen Gillan (@karengillanofficial) on

• There’s trouble at mill:

• OK, but where would the companions sit?

• These fan-made Lego promos are rather grand:

• A mirror TARDIS:

• Lovely Bill Potts fan art:

This thread is well worth a few minutes of wallowing. The best looks of the Doctor’s companions:

• Put this on the wall of your cubiculum:

• It’s all in the eyes:

• A reflective Eleven:

• Regeneration; it’s a lottery. Sometimes you’re a muppet:

• A fascinating article on Delia Derbyshire, who recorded the first (and eeriest) version of the Doctor Who theme:

• Thirteen faces the future:

• How to file your liquid:

• The key to time:

• Old friends embrace:

• And so do future friends:

• And finally, let’s end this week with another wallow, and a timely update of an old favorite clip. Here’s Babelcolour whizzing through every Doctor Who story to date, from “An Unearthly Child” to “Twice Upon a Time:”


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By Fraser McAlpine