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Both Maisie Williams and Tom Hiddleston lend their voices to the forthcoming stop-motion animated film Early Man (February 16). And, while we may not see the two on-screen together in the prehistoric tale, yesterday (February 8) they had an on-camera sit-down with BBC Radio 1.

Rather than conduct a traditional interview, the reporter chooses instead to fact check trivia about the pair that he’s pulled from the popular film database IMDB. The information, he forewarns, may or may not be true…

Like, how many pet tortoises does Williams really own? It’s actually quite a long answer, and you’ll need to watch the clip to get the full story.

To Hiddleston he offers up: “Apparently, you have selachophobia, which is a fear of sharks.” Oh, come on! Surely this is made up, no? But, it is in fact… CORRECT.  “Well, yes, that probably is true,” Hiddleston confirms.

We don’t want to spoil the clip for you, but other “facts” the pair confirm or deny include: Hiddleston being able to juggle and that he gets watery eyes when spooked. Then Williams’ goes on to talk about whether or not her family does in fact own 13 dogs, and if her favorite film is really 2006’s John Tucker Must Die.

It turns out, just one of these trivia items is not quite accurate. And, the actor’s response — or, more accurately, non-response — is priceless…

Can you guess which one of the topics above does not belong?

If you love yourself some trivia, you may already know that Anglophenia’s red carpet correspondent Sharon Carpenter is also a host on HQ Trivia, a hugely popular smartphone game show app, which you can check out here.

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Did any of these fun facts surprise you?

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By Brigid Brown