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David Tennant (Doctor Who, Jessica Jones) is set to star in the upcoming thriller Bad Samaritan, and the first trailer just dropped today (February 6), courtesy of

Tennant got his bad on in Jessica Jones as the mind controlling Dr. Zebediah Killgrave. This time around, he doesn’t have superhuman abilities, but his character definitely has control issues.

Tennant takes on the role of Cale Ehrenreich, who steps out for some fine dining. The restaurant’s valet, Sean, played by Misfits star Robert Sheehan, takes advantage of knowing patrons’ whereabouts for the evening, and robs their homes. But when Sean breaks into Ehrenreich’s house, he comes across something very unexpected… actually, scratch that, someone very unexpected:

As seen in the first look footage, Sean leaves the woman behind to save his own skin. But, his conscience gets the better of him (thank goodness) and he ultimately goes to the police. Let’s just say… Ehrenreich is not happy about any of this and turns his attention to Sean. We haven’t forgotten about the woman being held captive, nor has Sean.

Bad Samaritan, written by Brandon Boyce (Wicker Park) and directed by Dean Devlin (The Librarians), hits theaters on March 30.

Tennant will be returning for the second season of Jessica Jones, premiering on March 8. You can also look for him in Mary Queen of Scots (November 2) as John Knox and in the Good Omens miniseries as the demon Crowley, premiering in 2019.

Do you enjoy David Tennant playing a baddie?

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By Brigid Brown