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When we last checked in on Rachel Weisz, she was playing a chameleon-like character in the film Complete Unknown. And now she’s taking on another dynamic role in director Sebastián Lelio‘s (A Fantastic WomanDisobedience, opposite Rachel McAdams.

The film was screened at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, and the first trailer was just released yesterday (February 1).

Weisz plays a woman named Ronit Krishna, who’s living in New York City but originally from an Orthodox Jewish community in North London. She was shunned by her family and peers after having a romantic relationship with her teenage friend, Esti Kuperman. In the film, which is based on Naomi Alderman‘s 2006 novel by the same name, Krishna returns to London when her rabbi father passes away. There, she’s reunited with Kuperman (McAdams), who’s now married to one of the rabbi’s devoted disciples (Alessandro Nivola).

Upon her return, Krishna is told by a community member, “We never thought we’d see you again?” She  responds bluntly, “Sorry to disappoint you,” laughing at her own little joke. She’s also informed that she’s been “forgiven.” Having been exiled from all she knew, she pushes back, asking, “What for?”

Let’s just say, there appears to be lingering feelings that are not going to just go away:

This is Lelio’s English-language film debut. He was just nominated for the 2018 Best Foreign Language Oscar for his film A Fantastic Woman.

Last year, Lelio talked about the actresses’ on-screen performances with IndieWire, saying, “They were brave from the beginning. I felt so lucky to be dealing with real artists willing to take a risk. Acting is risk — it’s about trusting a director, and blindly jumping off the cliff.”

Disobedience will hit theaters on April 27.

You can also look for Weisz in the 2018 biopic The Mercy, opposite Colin Firth. And, the period film, The Favourite, also starring Olivia Colman and Emma Stone, out later this year.

What do you think of the film so far? 

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By Brigid Brown