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How about this for an upgrade? Gemma Chan is set to go from playing a synthetic android to an alien scientist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Deadline reports the Humans star will play Minn-Erva, an extraterrestrial geneticist and spy, better known as Doctor Minerva, in the upcoming film version of Captain Marvel.

The character — a member of the Kree alien race — is a definite baddie, who regularly goes up against Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) and her mentor Mar-Vell, played in the upcoming movie by Jude Law.

Not much is known about the film’s plot, but we do know that Carol herself has Kree DNA, and Marvel announced at July’s Comic-Con that the movie will introduce the Kree’s shape-shifting arch-enemies, the Skrulls.

Gemma rounds out an already impressive cast, with Samuel L Jackson reprising his Avengers role of Nick Fury, while Rogue One‘s Ben Mendelssohn will play the lead villain.

Her co-star Brie was quick to welcome her to the Marvel family:

It’s the latest big role for Gemma since her breakout performance as a “synth” in the AMC sci-fi show. You can also keep an eye out for her in historical drama Mary Queen of Scots and romcom Crazy Rich Asians later this year, not to mention the third season of Humans.

Captain Marvel is due to open in theaters on March 8, 2019.

Can you picture Gemma as a villain?

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By Kat Sommers
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