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The folks who created the groundbreaking drama The Missing, starring James Nesbitt, are moving onto a new dramatic series, The Widow, reports Deadline Hollywood. The eight-part series is set to air on both Amazon Prime Video worldwide and ITV in the U.K.

Harry and Jack Williams, who co-wrote The Missing, will be handling the script for the new series, which stars Kate Beckinsale in the title role. She’ll play Georgia Wells, a woman whose husband dies, prompting her to cut herself off from life as she knows it.

But then, according to the official description, Wells sees her “late” husband on the news, and is committed to finding out the truth. We suspect the use of the quotation marks around the word “late” means… he’s not actually dead. We’re officially intrigued. Where is he? Did her husband fake his own death? And, if so, why?

So. Many. Questions.

We’ll have to wait for more details on all of this, but in a statement released today (Jan. 3), the Williams brothers did give a shout-out to their new project’s star: “Kate Beckinsale is a brilliantly talented actress and we’re thrilled she’s joining us on this journey — we couldn’t imagine anyone more perfect for the role. The Widow is our most ambitious and cinematic piece to date and we can’t wait to bring the dark heart of the Congolese jungle to the screen.”

We recently saw Beckinsale in 2016 as the spinster aunt, Lady Susan Vernon, in the comedy Love & Friendship, set in 18th century England. If you missed it, here’s a clip of her highly enjoyable performance:

Beckinsale also starred in 2017’s The Only Living Boy in New York, opposite Piers Brosnan as his seductive wife and stepmom to his college-age son. If you’re left wanting more of this actress, you can check her out as the vampire warrior Selene in the Underworld series (2003 – 2016), available over at Amazon.

The air-date for The Widow has yet to be confirmed, but filming is set to begin this month in South Africa, Wales and Rotterdam, according to reports.

Are you feeling confident about this series with The Missing writers on board?

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By Brigid Brown