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Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a dusty old suitcase on the outside, but on the inside an expansive collection of the week’s best fan creativity, news and other stuff from a week in social media.

And we begin this week with a remarkable clip from a few years back, that only came to light this week. In 2013, Gary RussellDoctor Who script editor, former executive producer of Big Finish productions and former editor of Doctor Who Magazine—was heading off to Australia to begin a new career.

In order to give him a proper send-off, David and Georgia Tennant (otherwise known as the Tenth Doctor and his daughter Jenny), made a special video to wish him well, in which they reprised their two roles.

And this week, Georgia Tennant found the clip and put it on Twitter:

Needless to say, Gary is still thrilled about it all:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• A pretty convincing fan-made trailer for Season 11 using pre-existing clips:

And another one:

• And a rather grand title sequence:

• Tracing River Song’s long and winding timeline:

• That time Clara got eaten by wifi:

• Unshaken, unstirred:

• Junior Daleks:

• Thirteen cosplay:

The TARDIS key belongs to @mionemrys, pictured here as the Doctor! #DoctorWho

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• And an actual Thirteen sculpture:

• A TARDIS mouse:

• A thrillingly close recreation of the very first Doctor Who theme:

• Cheers!

• Some old friends of the Doctor’s are back in action:

• There is no landscape so beautiful it can’t be improved with a TARDIS:

• Urban Doctor:

• What if the First Doctor had been on that bus?

• An actual police box, being used properly for once:

• Clara in space:

• The read-through for “Twice Upon a Time” was an emotional affair:

• The Cybermen get upgraded with a retro touch:

• Two portraits of Eleven:

• And one of Thirteen:

• And finally, let’s end this week with something truly odd. Here’s a clip from a TV show called Walrus, which was made by the BBC for schools. In it, we see a meeting between a Dalek and a Welsh woman called Blodwen, in order to discuss vocal inflection and cadence:

PS: That’s all folks!


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By Fraser McAlpine