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(Photos: Twitter)

Welcome to the first Doctor Who’s Day roundup of a new year, and with change in the air we’ve been trawling the internet for fan creativity and official Whovian news and events to gather together into a big pile of intergalactic astonishment and Gallifreyan glory.

And we begin this week with the various fan responses to “Twice Upon a Time” that have been rippling across cyberspace since Christmas Day. Now that the era of the Twelfth Doctor is officially over, YouTube has seen a fresh influx of clips compiling his best moments, each taking a slightly different emotional trip through his time in the TARDIS.

There’s this emotional roundup from TheGaroStudios:

And a similarly sober tribute from Margarita Life:

Supercut Action rounds up Twelve’s funniest moments:

And from VERITASERUMUK, his conflict and rage:

JCF Productions beautifully brings together the Doctor’s great sense of loss and sacrifice:

Fan art has been equally heartfelt:

This sums up the future rather well:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• How to film a regeneration:

Mark Gatiss made a video diary from his last day on the set:

• And took this photo:

• Magnifying glasses out:

Matt Lucas wasn’t sure he’d be coming back as Nardole:

• A reconstruction of the First Doctor’s TARDIS:

• With a little help from this man:

• Saying goodbye to an old friend. Here’s a time-lapse of a deconstructed TARDIS set:

• No, that’s not the new TARDIS:

• Were there actually three Doctors on that World War I battleground?

• Just one of many, many times that Peter Capaldi was a perfect ambassador for Doctor Who:

• A role Tom Baker clearly takes equally seriously:

• The science of being a companion:

Karen Gillan on being taken out of this world by Doctor Who:

• She also has kind words for the new TARDIS team, as does Pearl Mackie:

• Pearl also helped a nation of tots get to sleep:

• Thirteen’s alternative makeover:

Doctor Who meets Sailor Moon:

• To finish this week on a sombre note, here’s a beautiful video paying tribute to the members of the Doctor Who family—in front of and behind the cameras—who passed on in 2017


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By Fraser McAlpine