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Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a colossal tractor beam for quality Whovian stuff found within fandoms and on the internet and social media over the past seven days.

And we begin this week with three startling events in which the real world and the Whoniverse find themselves colliding.

The first occurred on French TV, where it seems the makers of Le Meilleur Pâtissier — the French equivalent of The Great British Bake Off — are using a very familiar musical score to create tension while their contestants are making busy with the flour:

The second occurred during an interview Tom Hanks gave to BBC Radio 1, debunking a few myths that have appeared about him online. And while it’s a shame he’s not a Dalek fan, his impression is great fun:

And the third occurred at Wizard World New Orleans, when David Tennant met a fan couple who are expecting a baby, and was handed an envelope with the baby’s gender inside. He was asked to say “Allons-y” for a boy, “bad wolf” for a girl, just as the photo was taken:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• The Doctor and his former flatmate (OK, OK, Matt Smith and James Corden) discuss Jodie Whittaker‘s arrival:

• The Doctor seems to like his future self:

• And so do the fans:

• A multidimensional Thirteenth Doctor:

• So THAT’S what happened to Sarah Jane Smith’s T-shirt:

• Warrior Twelve:

• The Doctor dabs:

• What if “The Doctor Falls” had a different ending?

• The TARDIS manual is everywhere:

• “I’m about to derail your life:”

• A shining future awaits:

• This fan wall of Doctors is incredible:

• A teaser trailer for the Fourth Doctor’s first adventure, “Robot:”

• …and another for his second, the creepy “The Ark in Space:”

• The First Doctor restored:

• Twelve, the rock Doctor:

• And the Thirteenth rendered in cartoon color:

• A fan-made trailer, looking forward to the Doctor dropping back into our lives later this year:

• The Two Doctors:

• And all the others too:

• The Daleks invade the West End:

• Room for LOTS of homework:

• And to finish this week, should you ever struggle to remember the names of all the monsters in Whovian history, here’s Jon Davey with a little musical reminder:


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By Fraser McAlpine