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We’ve never really seen James Bond get older, because there’s typically a “regeneration” every few, or five, films. So, to learn Ben Kingsley (Hugo) is set to take on an “aging” secret agent is quite exciting.

It’s just been announced (January 29) that Kingsley will star opposite Monica Bellucci (Mozart in the Jungle) in the forthcoming action film, Spider in the Web, reports Empire.

It does make one wonder — does a spy retire at the end of the game? We suppose, if they are lucky to live that long? Which is kind of what director Eran Riklis‘ (Shelter) new film explores.

Kingsley takes on the role of Adereth, and, apparently, his bosses think he’s aging out of espionage.

Similar to the 007 storyline, there is an “enigmatic woman” in Adereth’s life, played by Bellucci, who is about to mix things up.

Both Kingsley and Bellucci have starred in spy films prior, including 1992’s Sneakers and 2015’s Spectre, respectively.

Riklis talked to Variety about the upcoming film, saying, “Spider is an intimate story, depicting the complexities of trust, loyalty and betrayal.”

“It explores my central universal motifs of self-discovery and identity, in a contemporary-set thriller mirroring current geopolitics.”

Riklis’ plans for what’s to come definitely has a more zen feel than what we’re used to with other spy flicks, but we shall have to wait to see some early footage.

The film is co-written by Gidon Maron (Playoff) and Emmanuel Nakkache (La naissance de M. Robert).

Production will begin this spring, with a premiere date yet to come.

Are you excited to have more Ben Kingsley on the big screen?


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By Brigid Brown