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If you find yourself pining for more Jessica Jones, the wait won’t be too long. The return of the second season has recently been confirmed for March 8, 2018, reports Mashable.

Along with the anticipated premiere date, Netflix has also released new footage of the NYC-based private-eye-turned-reluctant-superhero.

The Marvel character Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) is back, clad in torn jeans, combat boots and her signature black leather jacket. While she may look the same, she’s definitely a changed woman after defeating the mind-controlling supervillain Zebediah Kilgrave (David Tennant) in 2015’s season one. But that doesn’t mean she’s living a carefree life these days. As she says in the new trailer, “Everyone has secrets. If not their own, then someone else’s.”

We can expect a new brand of bad heading her way, but she’s also not completely done with Kilgrave, aka  the “unfinished business” referred to in the new trailer — he’s in her head:

Jessica Jones returns with 13 episodes, one-hour each, all available on March 8.

Is this on your watch list? 

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By Brigid Brown