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We just recently reported on Olivia Colman replacing Claire Foy in season three of The Crown, portraying Queen Elizabeth II as she enters middle age. Predictions have been made as to who will step in for Matt Smith as Prince Philip as well.

But, let’s not forget, we still have season two to watch, premiering globally on Netflix December 8. So, while Foy and Smith’s royal roles will regenerate, in a way, we can look for the fan favorites in 10 more episodes before the changeup.

The second season picks up in 1956 and goes through 1964, with Foy describing what to expect to Vanity Fair, saying, “The first series was very much about the family and her finding her role after her father died and coming into her own, and this second series is very much about the outside world.”

The world is changing in season two of The Crown and apparently so is the Queen and the rest of the monarchy, accordingly:

The recently-released footage also gives us a first look at Matthew Goode. You can look for him in the follow-up season as photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, who is also a love interest to Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby).

The real scene-stealer might be Matt Smith’s facial hair, grown out to portray Philip as a member of the Royal Navy:


Season two of The Crown will hit Netflix on December 8.

Are you going to soak up every last minute of season two? 

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By Brigid Brown