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After news broke back in March that Emily Blunt, an Anglophenia regular, and her actor husband John Krasinski (The Office) would co-star in the supernatural thriller A Quiet Place, due to hit theaters next spring, there’s finally a trailer for the movie. Now, we can get a sense of how this talented couple work together onscreen.

We know the two previously collaborated on a prank, gift wrapping friend and chat show host Jimmy Kimmel’s car over the holidaze. But, this appears to be their first joint effort — not to dismiss their friendly sabotage attempt! — on something constructive.

Reportedly, Blunt and Krasinksi, who tied the knot in 2010, prefer to keep their work and home lives separate. Well, rules are made to be broken, we guess! The stress factor for Krasinski will have been especially high as not only is he acting, but he also took on the tasks of writing the screenplay and directing A Quiet Placereports

As it turns out, Blunt wasn’t necessarily first choice to star alongside her hubby, at least according to Variety writer Justin Kroll in the below tweet:

But we won’t dwell on this. Krasinski may have been considering others to star opposite him in the supernatural thriller, but it was Blunt who landed the lead co-starring role in the end.

A Quiet Place revolves around a family attempting to live an extremely quiet life on a farm. Noise, in fact, must be avoided at all costs as they’re being taunted by an unwelcome, other-worldly guest.

While the trailer is just a little over two minutes, it’s terrifying from the start. Immediately, we get the idea that something is amiss, with the ominous corn stalks hovering and a young girl walking down a railroad bridge. Written warnings are scattered throughout the teaser like, “Listen closely,” “Move carefully,” and “Never make a sound.” The family follows these rules, implementing sign language as a form of communication.

What happens if they make a slip?

The trailer gives us a hint:

You can look for A Quiet Place in theaters on April 6, 2018.

It’s not clear who is listening in — do you think Blunt and Krasinski will be doing some ghostbusting?

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By Brigid Brown