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Slowly but surely the Game of Thrones actors are racking up new roles, with recent casting news about Kit Harington, Aidan Gillen and Maisie Williams. It seems they are planning for life after GoT with the final season airing in 2018.

And, Sophie Turner, who has portrayed Sansa Stark since season one, is not going to be left behind.

The young actress has signed on to play the lead role in the forthcoming film The Girl Who Fell from the Sky, reports Deadline Hollywood. And, alarmingly, the title is quite literal. Turner plays a young girl, 17, who is the only survivor of a devastating plane crash, falling 10,000 feet into the Peruvian rainforest.

The big screen production is based on the 2011 memoir by Juliane Koepcke, with Turner playing Koepcke. Yes, you got it, this actually did happen.

In 2012, Koepcke had a sit-down with BBC News, detailing the harrowing account, which happened almost 40 years prior in 1971.

To speed you up, if you’re not familiar with the turn of events: Koepcke and her mother were traveling on Christmas Eve en route to meet up with her father, when their plane was struck by lightning, incinerating the plane… but, not before Koepcke was ejected, still belted to her seat.

In Koepcke’s own words, pulled from the above interview, she says, “The plane jumped down and went into a nose-dive. It was pitch black and people were screaming, then the deep roaring of the engines filled my head completely.”

The film depicts how she survived the close to two-mile fall and the life or death fight through the jungle.

Deadline Hollywood points out Turner will be on-screen by herself for most of the film, which is quite a task to take on, keeping in mind films like Gravity and Castaway. On top of that, she’s also acting as producer.

There is no start date as of yet, being very early in production.

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By Brigid Brown