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BBC America’s The Graham Norton Show will be on hiatus this Saturday (November 25) in recognition of Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean you all have to go cold turkey. We’ve put together some of our favorite, and totally outrageous, Grahamtastic moments to carry you through the holiday weekend.

Graham brings the LOLs in each and every episode, providing us a plethora of moments to choose from. Alas, we only have 10 spots… and our stomach muscles can only take so much contracting from giggling.

With that said, put down the turkey leg and let’s go:

1. When Whovians traveled the world to sit in the red chair.
Graham invited David Tennant and Matt Smith to join him in-studio to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. And, some lucky Whovians got the chance to ask the esteemed Doctors questions about the series. But, there was a catch: they had to sit in the dreaded red chair while doing so…

2. When Benedict Cumberbatch gave his fans an official name.
It seems so long ago that Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch‘s female fans dubbed themselves the “Cumberb*tches.” Cumberbatch himself wasn’t so keen on the label, and on Graham Norton came up with something that was a little more suitable. It was like watching history in the making. And, the new name is… you can find out in the clip below.

3. When Matthew McConaughey explained his preparation for Magic Mike.
We loved the moment Graham pinged Matthew McConaughey with some slightly personal questions about portraying a stripper in the highly popular film Magic Mike. “Is it true, the thing about you kind of road-testing the posing pouch?” Graham asks at one point, using the very British term for the actor’s barely there… intimate garment. Let’s just say, in the U.S. the term is “thong underwear.” Confused? Matthew was!

4. When Idris Elba turned on his “sexy face.”
Idris Elba
is sexy. That is a cold hard fact. But, maybe he doesn’t quite realize the impact he has on audiences. That’s where Graham comes in, always ready to ask the unaskable. Obligingly, the Luther star gives us a glimpse of his, umm, bedroom eyes. Oh yes. Fellow guest Olivia Colman’s reaction says it all. 

5. When Jamie Dornan dug into a Christian Grey cake.
The name of this video — “Jamie Dornan Eats a Christian Grey Cake” — gives us the giggles… or chills… it’s a fine-line. Graham isn’t one to mince words and, after looking the man-size baked good up and down, he tells Dornan, “This is AHmazing.” It really is. Even more spectacular is Graham cutting a taste from the dessert Grey’s tummy. Okay, definitely chills…

6. When Tom Hank pulled off a Clint Eastwood impression.
Tom Hanks
worked with director Clint Eastwood on the 2016 biopic Sully. There were times Hanks might ask a question or make a suggestion and he’d just get… “the Clint Eastwood look.” Hanks totally nails the actor-turned-director’s signature stare.

7. When Graham’s own chair turned against him.
Graham isn’t just hilarious, he’s adaptable. In an interview with Nicole Kidman, Julie Walters, and Hugh Bonneville, Graham’s chair failed him, with the seat completely falling off the base. Graham exclaimed, “That has never happened before. Ever!” The crew subbed in another, lesser, chair, lesser. But Graham, ever the professional, took it all in his stride. 

8. When Meryl Streep stopped Hugh Grant in his tracks.
Last year we brought you 10 Meryl Streep Movies to Match Your Holiday Mood, which seems fitting now that we’re heading back into the festive season. And, while not a Meryl Streep performance, this moment of hers with Hugh Grant is definitely showstopper.

9. When Morgan Freeman narrated Graham’s life… sort of.
Graham welcomed Morgan Freeman to the show and dubbed the seasoned actor “Mr. Narration.” And it’s true, he has done the voiceover for a number of films, including 1994’s The Shawshank Redemption. To prove the point, Freeman was provided with a script, based on his supposed Graham observations, and asked to read it aloud. But the story got a little grim… oh, the despair! The bit may have gotten a little uncomfortable for our host, but we found it highly entertaining.

10. And, finally, Dame Judi Dench as a small child acting up.
We know Dame Judi Dench for her magnificent performances, but what we learned through her appearance on the current season of The Graham Norton Show is that she was bitten by the acting bug very young. Graham found a picture of her posing in her dance gear, amongst friends, front and center. Dench added in, “I pushed my way to the front, there.” We are so not surprised… nobody puts Judi in the corner.

Rest assured, The Graham Norton Show will be returning to regular scheduling on Saturday, December 2, at 10/9c on BBCA, with a full couch of guests, including Daddy’s Home 2 stars Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, John Lithgow and Mel Gibson. As well, Kesha will be on-set for a musical performance.

What’s your favorite ever Graham Norton Show moment? 

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